Finding Beauty

Today, its just about life.

These three old adages keep running through my mind this week:

“It is often darkest before the dawn”; “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans”; “If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it”.

Although we have all heard these sayings a million times, and often don’t want them said to us in times of trial, they have been handed down through the generations because they are so very true! We often need times when it is dark to re-evaluate our life, our goals, our values — if we keep going blindly, we are often apt to just become complacent and may not be living out our full potential. We may become satisfied with enough, when we should be striving for more! It is when you are forced to stop, that we are able to see with clearer vision our true selves, and the beauty of the simple things in life.

I am reminded of a trip recently that Rich and I took to the beach — my wonderful husband knows that I am truly at peace when I am at the beach, and took me for a daytrip to my “happy place”. During the afternoon, he was sitting up on the sand, watching me down by the water as I stooped to pick up small bits from the sand and the waves over and over again. As he came down to meet me, expecting to find my hands filled with shells, he was surprised to find me holding rocks! He asked why I was searching for rocks, instead of the beautiful shells that everyone wants. I said that I search for the rocks because they remind me of life — they start out as rough chunks of stone, deep down in the water. As the waves throw them around, and toss them on the shore, they start to lose their rough edges, and after many years, and many, many waves, they become smooth, round and beautiful! 

I keep a bowl of the sea stones on my nightstand to remind me that we are like those rocks –  through the waves in our lives, God is shaping us, rounding out our sharp edges, making us smooth and beautiful, to add to His collection. Though the waves come, and we may not understand them, I just try to remember that there is a reason for it all! God is shaping my life, molding my character, smoothing out my roughness so that I can be the best for Him.






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