The End is Near!

Hello friends and family : )

Just wanted to send you all a quick update, since everyone has been so wonderful with praying for us and supporting us! Its always wonderful to know that your prayers have been answered, so I wanted to pass this along.

Rich and I went to Philadelphia to meet with the surgeon yesterday, as many of you know already. After being worried about traffic and not knowing where we were heading, we got to the hospital before any of the employees!! So we took a quick (cold!) detour and paid our respects at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier — Happy Veteran’s Day! By the time we walked back, the office was open and we headed in. We were the first appointment of the day, and everything could not have gone more smoothly! The team in the office was so nice, and everything was taken care of quickly. When the doctor came in, he took one look at my MRIs and turned around and gave us the “thumbs up” sign! He said that this one would be no problem for him, and that everything about my symptoms, history, location of the cyst, etc. would lend towards a great surgical response. He said he sometimes sees MRIs and just dreads the operation because it is in a complicated location, etc. However, as far as my cyst is concerned, its a good one! — is there such a thing??

The doctor could not have been nicer or more positive about the whole procedure — he said that I do have nerve damage already, but if we take care of this now, I have a chance to get full feeling back in my leg! The headaches, pain, numbness, etc. should all be resolved if all goes well. After he gave us the green light to have the surgery, his nurse practitioner came in and spoke with us at length about the risks, etc., and said that this (the Tarlov Cyst surgery) is the most difficult surgery that they have ever seen — they will remove portions of my S1-S3 vertebrae, as well as a piece of my pelvic bone, and will have to move some muscles around while they are in there. I told them that as long as I feel better afterward, I will deal with all of this to get there! The Doc says I will be up and active again before I know it, Praise the Lord!

So the long and short of it is that surgery is scheduled for December! Amazing how your whole life can change in the span of one hour, isn’t it?

We were able to get all of my pre-operative testing done while I was there, so I just need to show up on the day of surgery, and take that huge step in the right direction! They are telling me that I will spend a few days in the ICU, and shouldn’t expect to be back to work for two months, which was difficult to hear. But, I only want to do this once, so I guess we will do it right : )

Thank you all for your love, support, encouragement and prayers — we felt like we had such a support system behind us when we were there, and know that the prayers of our family have been heard!

If you feel so led, please think about sharing our fundraiser with your churches, small groups, etc. as we take this next month to plan and get everything set up for the rest of our lives : )

Much love,



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