The Season for Hope!


Such a tiny word, but such a powerful thing! In this Christmas season, when everything is hustling and bustling by you, take one moment to remember that it is all about hope. The Bible said that the Lord has plans for us, “plans for a hope and a future” and all of that started with the promises of our loving God and a tiny baby in a manger! 

I honestly believe that Hope may be one of the most powerful things in the world,. If you have hope, you keep going when everthing else inside you tells you to just stop fighting. You endure pain and hardship because there is an end in sight!

It is the hope in the future that has kept me going over the past 12 years while I have been in pain and limited in so many ways. Hope and the faith that I have a loving father God who had it all figured out just right are the two most powerful things that I have believed in! And now, standing on the other side of a big surgery that I honestly didn’t think I would have so soon, I am so excited to let my imagination run and dream about what God may have in store for me. I have hope that He will carry me through whatever else may come my way. Whatever your situation in life,  let Christmas remind you to stay strong and hope in what will be. 

This Christmas I have all I could ask for and am so thankful for each of you! Merry Christmas to you and God Bless!!



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