Peace in Every Moment

Its so hard to believe that tomorrow is already 5 weeks post-op! Praise the Lord that I am feeling well, even if I am still in shock that we actually did this!

I am so happy to say that I am feeling better than before surgery (discounting the obvious soreness and discomfort from having your bones removed and muscles moved around!) and can already feel the benefits in my left leg strength and less headaches — amazing!! I have been cleared to drive – yay! – and will be going back to work next week.

Even more than that, however, I feel so at peace, and feel like I have really grown during this time. I have had a lot of time on my own as I have been recovering, and God has shown me again the wonder of life, and how to find peace in Him, no matter the situation. I was stressed about whether or not the surgery had been a success, whether or not we would be able to pay the bills, whether I could afford to not work for 6 weeks, when God just told me again, “Didn’t I already bring you this far? Why would I leave you now?” I know that He will work everything out according to His plan, which always works better than my own!

I feel ready to tackle my life again, after having this time to refocus my priorities and seek God’s will — and having some time to spend at home, reading, painting, resting and playing with my kitties has been therapeutic as well : )

I give all the praise to God for bringing me to, and through, this time, and thank Him so much for the blessing of all of those who have helped along the way — the power of a supportive community is amazing!

Here’s to a MUCH better, more active, healthier 2014 — I can’t wait!


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