Natural Sanctuary

It’s so important recognize that place in your life where your soul feels at peace and you feel connected to God. Whether that’s in your own home, out in nature, or in church, we all need a sanctuary to refresh and reconnect to God. 

It won’t come as any surprise to those that know me, but my place is the beach. Every year since I was born, my summer has included a trip to the beach. I always enjoyed the vacation but I didnt recognize the beach as my “place” until I was in high school. As I started having troubles and anxieties and started “adulting”, I noticed that all of this just fell away and my soul was at peace as I was in that environment. There is a reassuring beauty in the changing of the tides, and the power of the waves. The consistent sets of breakers and dependability of the tides reminds me that God is a God of order and not of chaos. If He can cause the waves and tides to obey His voice, then how can I doubt He can handle my problems?

As everyone who knows me will also attest, the beach is the absolute only place I enjoy getting up early! I cherish the moments when the sun is rising over the empty beach, and I am alone with God. There is something powerful about my insignificance in that moment – surrounded by thundering waves, depths of water and innumerable animals I can’t even see, I remember the majesty of the God that created it all and am touched that He wanted me here, even after He had created such wonders. I watch the waves wash over the shore and as the beach gets smoothed over to start a new day, I am able to clear my head, and my prayers just flow out of my heart freely. I feel like my problems are so insignificant in the face of such a huge natural wonder, and I know that God has it all under control. I am astounded too that He has created such a beautiful world to inspire our reverence – have you ever considered that? God could have made the sun simply show up for day time, and pop back down into the darkness for night. But He gives us beautiful , colorful sunrises and sunsets to watch instead. He has created such artistry in nature as a blessing for us and as a way to draw us in and inspire our awe and worship.
I hope you have a place that makes you feel like this, and I hope you are able to go there often. I feel like we need constant refreshing and reconnecting with God since there is so much other noise in this world – I hope you find and treasure your place of peace.

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