Halloween Was Today?

I have nothing of importance to say this week, mostly due to the fact that we moved this weekend and my life is currently in shambles and boxes. Add to that the fact that cats and babies get cranky with change, and baby girl has decided that midnight is her new bedtime, and it has been a very long week. Wait…its only Tuesday?

This weekend was hectic and did not go according to plan, but then again, when does life ever really go according to plan? I am just thankful we are home now and starting to settle in. I am trying to attack a few boxes a day and am doing a major purge of stuff we don’t need or use….another one because I just did this when I packed up to move, but I’m feeling much more ruthless now -after living with most of our bits and bobs in storage for 3 years, I am finding that I really don’t need all the things I thought I did, and in fact am suffocated by the fact that my beautiful new closets are full of things I will not use but I’m hesitant to get rid of! So here we go, clean slate…you’re welcome Goodwill! If I ever get to actually unpacking, that is.

I just got the babies to sleep and here comes the pitter patter of little trick or treating feet around the neighborhood. Hopefully the little dearies see my bucket of candy and note and don’t knock on the door. For some reason, a knock on this door sounds like God himself is barging in and I’m pretty sure that will undo this naptime thing I’ve finally got going on here.

In my mind, we were going to have a perfect day: I would do some festive fall craft with the babies, baby girl was going to be dressed up in the cutest costume ever (homemade, of course) and then we would have a fun family night walking around getting candy and making memories for her first Halloween. In reality, I think we slept a total of 4 hours all together the last few nights because I think she is coming down with something, I managed to find a Halloween onesie in the amazing box of clothes lent to us, the babies had a long day of being upset and refusing to nap, and daddy works late and won’t be home for a long time anyway even if I had managed to get my Halloween act together. Man. I wanted some chocolate, too. Maybe next year? I can always plan, right? The day wasn’t perfect, but it was my life with these littles, and that’s ok that it wasn’t perfect- even the hard days are a blessing.

I still want chocolate though.

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