Just Thankful

I’ve been praying for the last few days for something to write, and so far I don’t have anything important on my mind to say this week. I am excited that it’s Thanksgiving week with all that that brings – a nice long snuggly weekend with my hubby and baby girl, decorating for the holidays, lovely family dinner, and especially leftovers!!

That in and of itself is something we should be thankful for – how many families don’t have enough food to fill everyone’s bellies, much less have enough for container upon container of leftovers? We truly are blessed and I’ve been trying to remember to have a prayer of thanksgiving every day, not just on a special Thursday in November.

This time last year, we were announcing to all of our loved ones that we were expecting our little girl. It was still so new at that point, and I had so much on my mind and heart as we anxiously awaited the day we could hold her safe and sound. Now a year later, I am so thankful to have her sweet face at our Thanksgiving table. Thursday will be a celebration of thankfulness for answered prayers in our family!

God has been good to us, even when we aren’t good to Him. Is it too early for New Year’s Resolutions? What if we started an attitude of thanksgiving all year long?Things like a thankful attitude can be contagious and can change the world, even if it just starts with your family. I think if we can be thankful and not dwell on the bad parts of life, we bring glory to God and uplift his family.

Lots of love to you and yours as we officially start the holiday season – have a blessed time with your families, spread good cheer and love and enjoy every moment that will turn into a memory before you know it. Enjoy old traditions and start some new ones. Repair some relationships. Reach out to someone who needs love. Focus on what matters.

I am going to take a few weeks off to focus on the holidays, my family, and to wait to hear what God wants me to say next. I look forward to starting 2018 with you – it’s going to be a great year!



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