A Fresh Start 

Happy New Year!! 

Let’s see, since I left you before the holidays not too much has happened. I did leave my baby girl in the nursery at church for the first time, and for a few times since then, and we have both survived! I don’t love it, but I think this is one of those “fake it til you make it” things and I just need to put on my big girl pants and walk away from her once in awhile. I have a vivid imagination and every time I leave her, I imagine all of the terrible things that could happen while I’m not with her….I guess this is an exercise in faith that God is watching over her, and I just need to walk away.
I made some fitness goals and started off strong: I went to the gym every night after girlie was asleep for a week and a half, and then not once for over a week and a half because she was sick and doesn’t sleep and won’t hear of going to anyone but Mommy when she is sick. Heartbreaking for mommies to have sick babies – I’m convinced there’s nothing worse. To that end, I feel like we have weathered 72 sicknesses since October…hopefully the second half of winter is much healthier than the first! It’s hard to feel like you’re enjoying life when one or all of your tribe is feeling under the weather!

Lovebug got to see her first snowfall in December which had her entranced and was terribly cute. It was just flurries, so not enough to play in, but she happily watched from the window and got very excited! She celebrated her first Christmas and was spoiled rotten by everyone but was mostly concerned with the tissue paper. She is now 99% of the way to crawling and sat herself up from being on her belly for the first time. She has cut her first tooth and I’m about to swaddle her tightly to keep her from growing so fast!! I swear it seems like we just brought her home from the hospital last week – how can time go so fast?? Watching her grow and be so intelligent and curious has me so proud and excited and sad all at the same time…I think I understand now why people have lots of kids!

And that brings us to New Year’s! There is something exciting to me about a new year. I definitely prefer the ones that end in even numbers, so of course I’m very excited for 2018.

I know that every day can be a fresh start or a new beginning if you allow it to be, but there’s something fresh and shiny about a new year that I just can’t resist. I am a resolutioner. I make lists and make goals. I pep talk myself into kicking this year’s butt. I envision myself making great strides in my character development, and of course my abs and thigh gap. I like to clean the house after Christmas, and get to it – fresh, clean and organized. Ready to be awesome!

In addition to my resolutions this year, I’ve made a list of 18 things I’d like to do in 2018. I am feeling myself become boring, stagnant and in a rut, and I never want to be those things! Life is busy right now with 2 babies in the house, but I don’t want that to ever be a reason I stop making goals, trying new things or challenging myself to grow. I want to set goals and meet them to prove to myself that I can still do it, that I am in control of myself and that I can get things done. I want to learn to broaden my world and understand more things that I don’t right now, like current events and history that I’ve forgotten. I want to step out of my comfort zone more often. For Christmas, I made cookies for our neighbors because I felt like it was something God was whispering for me to do to show love to our neighbors like He has called us to do in His word. I felt called to do it at the beginning of the holiday season and I kept putting it off, and then every time I turned around I was reading or hearing the passage in the Bible about loving your neighbor (Matthew 25:37-39) — I love how God puts something on your heart and then just keeps reminding you until you do it! It’s so childish, but I was nervous – what would people think? Is this crossing some sort of apartment-living boundary line? But in the end, I can’t control how people react, just my own obedience – I snuck out and was sure I didn’t rattle any doors as I delivered the cookies, but even in my being a big old chicken, I was happy that I did as I was called. This year, I want to do more things like that to bring joy and even a moment of happiness to those around me, even if I dont know them. I can only pray God uses those tiny moments to make someone see Him more clearly.

I want to submit every aspect of my 2018 to God and do it all to His glory – the laundry, cleaning, going out to get errands done, and even the hard days or days that are monotonous. Every day is a blessing and I want to live 2018 that way.

How do you feel God can use you this year? Have you considered your talents lately? What are some new things you’d like to tackle this year? I’d love to hear from you! Maybe the calendar giving you a fresh start on 1/1/18 is exactly what you needed to see yourself the way God sees you and start living in that joy and freedom – here’s to a fresh start! Welcome 2018!

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