Whole 30…Again

So, last week was kind of a heavy post, so this week you get the opposite!! Absolutely nothing of substance : ) You’re welcome.

I have decided to start another round of the Whole 30 challenge. I started it yesterday. On a Monday. With 2 toddlers in the house, and one of them teething. I am an idiot. I never realized just how much my sweet and creamy cups of coffee comforted me in the mornings! Oh well, I guess its time to break that habit. Onward dark, bitter coffee, just like a true coffee aficionado! The Disney playlists will have to be enough of a pick-me-up now.

If you don’t know what the Whole 30 Challenge is, basically you subsist on water and baby carrots for 30 days. Juuuust kidding. Kind of. You are supposed to cut out all foods  to which you could potentially be having any kind of adverse reaction, to allow your body to detox and reset and be more healthy — you should lose a little weight, experience less inflammation, better digestion, feel better, etc. You cut out dairy, grains, beans, alcohol, and sugar for 30 days and see how you feel! (Sidenote: sugar is added into EVERYTHING here in the U.S., and so its become a silent addiction for many of us — I am careful to not eat candy, and I usually use honey as a sweetener, but guess what? Its in that jar of marinara sauce, in some meats, and even in my whole grain sticks-and-rocks cereal.  Sneaky sugar!) After 30 days, you are supposed to add back in one grouping at a time slowly to see if you can pinpoint any foods that may cause you to have a sensitivity, and thus, feel gross. Whereby you are then a healthier, more conscious version of yourself. IF you haven’t murdered anyone by day 16 when you realize that you WERE actually addicted to sugar, and where on earth is all the pasta?!

I did one round of the challenge before I got pregnant with baby girl, and it was difficult, yes, but also extremely rewarding. It got me back to much healthier eating habits and I felt so much better — after the initial shock of sugar and dairy withdrawal subsided. I do love cheese. And cream in my coffee. And pasta. BUT these things are just food, and to me, it was actually kind of awesome to push myself to exert my willpower daily and win — I am just a little competitive, and even though I was only competing against myself, I did NOT want to cheat on the challenge! After I was finished, I didn’t have drastic weight loss, but as I progressed with my workouts and diet after that point, I just felt better, and felt like my body was working the way it was meant to. Coupled with the research I was doing and knowledge I was gaining at that point about the MTHFR mutation that I have, I finally felt like I was making some headway! Pasta and dairy deprivation is all worth it if you can feel good and start feeling confident.

So fast forward about a year and a half, and I want to start fresh again. I want a spring detox, and a kickstart to my healthy summer. I have been paying attention and I kept most of the same healthy eating habits, but with pregnancy and breastfeeding I just ate a lot more, and I know I got used to eating more than is strictly necessary! I’m done nursing and most definitely not pregnant, so here we go! I’m just not quite to where I would like to be — I have been in the gym 6 nights a week working hard, and I want to add another level of healthy to what I’m building. I want to have a fun and active summer chasing my little crazy girl around, and be feeling good! Summer is my favorite time of year, and so now is the time for me to kick up my health a notch so I’m ready for it. (Yes, I wrote that for myself, because let’s be honest, on Day 15 I’m going to be looking for some kind of reminder of why the heck I’m doing this!!)

What are you doing, or have you done, for yourself and your health this year? It really is empowering to take charge and make choices that are best for you, to be the best you! The world deserves the best you, so I hope you are doing something for yourself this year, whatever it takes. Best of luck to you as you tackle whatever it is….I’ll be just over here, finding new and creative ways to eat avocados.

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