How Does Your Garden Grow?

So I feel like I have to say something about the Royal Wedding — that was the thing to talk about this week, right?!

The fun thing about having a non-sleeping toddler is that I was up in plenty of time to watch the coverage leading up to the ceremony. As I sat in my pajamas with my extra large cup of coffee, messy hair and morning dragon breath, I watched Meghan Markle look absolutely gorgeous as she walked down the aisle and I felt like I was able to be a part of a fairy tale. It was such a sunny, sparkly, perfect-looking day to get married and I thought the ceremony was beautiful. For a few minutes it was nice to watch a moment where life was beautiful and love was all that mattered. In the ugliness of the world that is more in the forefront of what we see and witness, it was magical for a minute to stop and remember that life, and love, are beautiful. My heart melted right along with everyone else’s when Harry told her she looked amazing, and I smiled to see what looked like true love be celebrated so openly and proudly. They will go on about their reality after that ceremony, and I will go on about mine, but for just a little while, we were all able to pause together and celebrate life and love.

But that’s not what was really on my mind today — its technically spring here, which means its time to plant gardens! Everything is finally green and growing and we can have fresh fruits and veggies again, hooray! I don’t have my own garden this year, but growing up we always helped my mom plant and tend a big lovely garden, and I’m missing getting my hands in the dirt and grabbing ripe tomatoes to eat right on the spot…a sun-ripened tomato is a little piece of heaven on earth for me!

If you read through the Bible, many of the writers used agrarian parables and analogies to teach their followers because that was relatable to the common people at the time. I feel like less people are hands-on farming these days, but the visuals still make sense to us. Read about the vine and the branches, sowing and reaping and the fig tree just as some examples to start!


I am not an expert gardener, but I can say with 100% confidence that I have never harvested a different fruit, vegetable or flower than what I planted. But the funny thing is that sometimes things grow without you purposefully planting them, and the only way you can tell what it is is to wait for the fruit to be produced so you can identify it.

Now you probably see where I’m going with this. When we look at our lives and don’t understand the “fruit” that we are seeing, we have to dig deeper and find out what root is growing up and producing this fruit. It could be something that you never even knew was growing! For me, I couldn’t understand why some of my relationships looked the way they did, why my words came out like they did and why my heart was in the shape it was in– I honestly did not realize that I had a root that had been planted years ago and was growing and giving life to these things; it took the Holy Spirit opening my eyes to it for me to finally get the picture. He yanked it out, and it hurt, but I am thankful for it! After we clean out all of the bad roots in our spirits, we can start to nurture the plants that do give off good fruit, the ones that are from the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

What’s growing in your garden? Maybe its time for some serious weeding!

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