Hello! I’m back! We took last week off as our very first “staycation” and I took a vacation from writing….which has carried into this week because I am sitting here looking at this blank page and realizing that I have about 15 thoughts rattling around in my head and none of them are ready to share with you!


Staycationing was really fun and relaxing– and also kind of tough. It was relaxing because we only took a few big day trips, so we didn’t have to pack up all of the paraphernalia that comes along with a toddler and schlep it all somewhere every day, or pack up enough stuff for a week and head somewhere. We had fun watching baby girl see elephants at the zoo and see how proud she was to know the elephant sound (which involves mostly flinging her arm around as a trunk!) — very cute. She also got to see her lions and roar at them which was fun — but we decided that the zoo will be even more fun when she is older and can recognize more of the animals and read the signs and learn fun facts and things.

We also went to play at the “fake beach” at the lake one day which was really fun! We played in the sand and in the shallow water and saw some fishies and took a picnic and had a beautiful, hot day out by the water — I think her favorite part of the whole week was being allowed to eat chips and chocolate chip cookies, such a treat!

Our week was filled with fun new memories, reliving old memories as we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, good long talks and lots of sunshine and laughs. Being able to spend some time as a family now that our girl is a little older was really special — we absolutely loved having 2 on 1 time with her and watching her experience new things! Also, having some time to focus on us and our marriage was really important — as hubby gets into the swing of grad school and I chase after 2 energetic toddlers, sometimes us time is few and far between, so I was really happy to have time with him for a week!


The part that was not relaxing for me was not remembering how to relax!! Being home made it tough because instead of being in vacation mentality and in a place that was not filled with our stuff, I was thinking of all the things around me I should get done with my free time, or feeling guilty for taking a nap or sitting to read. I was a little disjointed and it took me awhile to feel like I was getting any rest because I was wound so tight! I stopped myself several times and shook my head and made myself readjust and do something that I wouldn’t normally get to do, like read, or take a bath, or just sit and watch baby girl play blocks with her daddy! I know that the to-do list will always be there, but I have a horrible tendency to just go full throttle on the chore list and then I look up and realize that the little moments that are worth stopping to savor and take snapshots of are passing me by. Life is so short, and I am filled with so much love for my little family — I want to take every opportunity to stop and smell the roses and soak it all up! My list will always be there, and always be growing, but so is my baby girl, and I don’t want to miss any of this time with her.

I hope you got some time to recharge this summer and are ready to start your fall off new and fresh and back on track — whatever your track may be. I am feeling re-energized and organized and ready to tackle my goals again — here we go!


And sidenote, this fall marks a year that I have been back to blogging! Thank you all SO much for taking the time to read and comment — I feel like I have learned so much by writing again, and I am so blessed to be able to share it with you. I am learning what God has to say to me, growing in my various roles, processing things  that I have long ignored, and loving the community of bloggers that also share what they are learning. Thanks so much for supporting me — it is actually very humbling that I have followers and readers, and I don’t say that out of false modesty….it is really an honor!! God bless you all!

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