Faith is Scary

Faith is a scary and beautiful thing.

Here in this house, we are experiencing every day new ways that God is calling us to true faith, and it’s scary, but comfortably safe all at the same time. Walking by faith looks bonkers to the world, and people around you can question your sanity, but if they know God, they will at least try to understand your choices and decisions.

We are learning that faith doesn’t call you to the safe option, but rather to the one that makes you quake in your boots and just keep going anyway. Faith doesn’t take you on the smooth, paved, wide boulevard, it takes you on the narrow path through the mountains where you trip over a root every few steps or slip on a stone and bust your knee. Faith doesn’t make sense – it is often the opposite of what the world deems common sense. Faith doesn’t necessarily call you to what you’re good at, but makes you lean on God for strength and competence.

Following God and walking by faith always contain an element of risk – risk of ridicule, of financial stress, of relational stress…but the reward is always greater than the risk. If the road is hard, if its too murky to see clearly, if its challenging, it may not be the wrong place, but instead, the absolutely perfect place for your faith to grow. The conditions may be right for you to see God in a new way, talk to Him like you never have before, and lean on Him when you recognize that all else is a dead end.

But we are learning that faith leaves room for miracles. Faith understands that what we feel is human, but what we know is divine – God is in control. God is living and ACTIVE. God sees us, wants our best, and rewards true faith in such special ways that can only come from Him.

Reason versus faith is a constant struggle that I think every believer goes through. We hear God, and then start to say things like …”But God wouldn’t…couldn’t….doesn’t…” because it doesn’t seem to fit with our ideas, our situation, or our skills. But how dare we say what God would, could, or should do? We have to have faith that anything is possible if we just believe!

Hebrews 11:1 says that “faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” We don’t know everything that is going on in the physical or spiritual world – we don’t know what situation is coming a year, two years, ten years down the path. We just don’t know. But I’m so thankful that we have a Father God who DOES know – I think that alone is reason for us to (sometimes blindly) put our trust and our faith in Him! He created it all – there is no safer place to be than with Him.

Short and sweet today – I just needed a boost to remember that faith is real. I reread the stories of Abraham, Moses, Esther, and a few others recently just as a reminder that faith is crazy – it looks crazy, it feels crazy, it sounds crazy – when God calls you to something, you can bet that it will be a crazy story, but a beautiful ride.

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