Cobb-esque Salad

Y’all this is cheating. This isn’t even really a recipe, just one of my favorite weeknight dinner ideas! Super filling and you can make it in less than 30 minutes, which if you know me and what my house looks like at 5 pm on any given day, is a WINNER!

Fancy Cobb salads are one of my favorite things to get at a restaurant, and this is a Cobb-esque salad that we make at home frequently, changing up the ingredients by whatever we have available on that day.

To make it, throw together a base of lettuce, or if you want to get your leafies in, mix lettuce, kale and spinach. One of my favorite lettuces for this salad is the bibb/butter lettuce blend – its so light and tender and doesn’t have a strong bitter flavor. Plus, its called “butter lettuce” which makes me feel like I’m getting away with something – ha!

Then just layer on the toppings! Just like a hot fudge sundae, or a taco, the toppings on this salad seal the deal with lots of flavor, crunch and savory goodness. For our latest version, we used cooked chicken, sliced black olives, avocado, tomatoes, cheese (for me, not for my lactose-intolerant loved ones, that would be bad), bacon (or pre-cooked bacon pieces if you’re lazy like me and hate cooking bacon), charred corn, hardboiled egg, and diced cucumber.

I made up a quick dairy-free dressing of blending together an avocado, coconut milk, cilantro, lime juice,a little garlic powder, onion powder, salt and cayenne pepper and its YUMMY!

Toss your salad in the dressing, or just leave it pretty and munch your way through the toppings in categories if you prefer.

Enjoy this guilty-pleasure of a salad, its a good one!

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