Big news!

Hi friends! Just popping on really quickly to share my fun news with you – I’m in the process of opening an online shop for my crafty creations, yay!! This has been on my mind for a long time and I’m still working through the se- up process, but wanted to go ahead and share my first set of items with you — magnets!! Who doesn’t love a pretty magnet on the fridge?? I know I do!

These are handpainted and lettered, feature my original designs, are coated with a protective sealant and backed with double adhesive for a strong hold — they make perfect Mother’s day, birthday and graduation gifts!

I have always enjoyed being creative, but lately in this mommin’ season of life, it’s been a really important part of keeping myself even-keeled and has really helped to have an outlet that is just for me….as a bonus, I get to add a splash of color and beauty to the world!

So it’s my pleasure to share these with you — until I get all the details set up, email me to order at or visit me on Instagram or Facebook by clicking the site icons below. $7.99 for a set of 3.

God bless! Have a great Tuesday!


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