The Day I Self-Cared…

Blah. It feels like winter goes on forever here in the Mid-Atlantic. The sun was finally shining today, but it was still chilly for most of the day, and we aren’t out of the woods yet with this cold-ish season. I have been having a serious mom-blah spell lately of feeling like I’m stuck in the rut of my same old look, same old budget, same old trend, same old pinching pennies, yada yada yada.

So. I got highlights today! YAY! I am a summer girl through and through, and during the summer my hair gets light and blonde, I get a lovely tan, and I feel like “me”. My best me. The real-est me. I decided to expedite that feeling of “me-ness” by getting some highlights today!

The sweet lady who cut my hair last week offered a deal of getting them half priced if I came today, and I felt guilty even thinking about it and debated and hemmed and hawed and thought of how many other responsible things I could use that money for. I told myself to stop being vain and to think of our family first before my own image and feeling.

I struggle with the concept of self-care because to me it feels self-ish. I don’t feel like my needs should come before those of my family, but yes I do know what makes me feel good and strong, and effective, and I know that I am a much better wife, mother, small group leader, and friend when I am more balanced and feeling good about myself.

God should always be first, your family second and yourself third; but hey, if you’re at the end of your rope, and a good manicure makes you feel like a human being again, then do it. If you’re tired and in a rut and you know that a girls night is what you need to recharge, then do it. If you are dragging your wagon and instead of picking up the to-do list, you need to throw on your stretchy pants and sink yourself into your comfy couch cushions and watch nonsense TV or read a chapter of a silly novel, then go get it, honey. It’s ok!

God wants us to be happy. I believe He created us with little things that just make us say “ahhhh, YES! That’s ME!” and its ok to take care of those things, as long as, you know, the kids are fed and the groceries are bought and the rent is paid first : ) Just because we are responsible, God-fearing people, committed to others’ good before our own doesn’t mean we have to walk through life in a gray doldrum and never live a little!

I am certainly not going out on a spree that blows our house-savings-plan out of the water. I’m not throwing all my responsibilities to the wind and indulging my every whim, but you know what? I got highlights today, I am guilt-free, loving the way they look and make me feel, and I’m so glad that the generous offer of a stranger came along right at this moment to help me have a “me” moment to get back on track. Life is short. Live it well lovelies 🙂

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