Poor Man’s Crab Dip

Ok, I probably haven’t mentioned it but I am originally from Maryland, and if you are a true-blue Baltimoron (I can say that since I was from there) you add Old Bay to just about anything you can think of — popcorn, chips, fries, and of course CRAB DIP! If it wouldn’t give me heart disease and kill my savings account, I’d eat crab dip every day if I could! It screams “summer” to me — have a nice glass of iced tea or cider, the Orioles game on, and friends over, and man, you are living the life right there!

So, since I have moved away and am not able to have crabs all the time (not that we ate them all the time in MD anyway – ha!) I came up with this alternative using tuna….yes “chicken of the sea”, tuna! It sounds like a terrible idea, but if you close your eyes and ignore the tuna cans, it tastes pretty darn close!

I whipped this up during naptime today and had one for lunch – I’m not even a little bit ashamed, it was that delicious! The pretzel really brings it home, but I have also had this yummy dip with pita chips, regular hard pretzels, and really any dipper. Give it a try! It’s not one of my healthy recipes by a long shot, but it’s one of those things that just takes care of that sporting-event-junk-food craving when it hits!

You’ll Need: (for about 4 pretzels)
2 cans of tuna, drained well (solid white works best!)
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp yellow mustard
1 tsp Old Bay seasoning
2 oz cream cheese
3 ounces shredded or cubed sharp cheddar cheese
2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
pinch of cayenne pepper

Optional serving ideas:
Soft pretzel with extra grated cheese to broil
pita chips, tortilla chips, hard pretzelsor french fries

What To Do:
Mix all dip ingredients in a small saucepan in order to melt cream cheese and cheese together.

While that is cooking, cook pretzels according to package instructions — mine were a MTHFR-safe brand from Aldi (see photo below), and just cooked for 5 mins at 350 degrees: super easy! Once cooked, slit and hollow out pretzels – my pretzels’ skinny bits were just a bit too skinny to slit so I left them whole for dipping purposes.

Spoon dip into openings in pretzel – top  with shredded cheese and broil until melted and you have a pan full of delicious cheesy-smiling pretzels!

If you make this before anyone else is home, you can shove one in your face and make a mess and thoroughly enjoy it , like me – but otherwise, serve with a knife for cutting into ladylike pieces : P

Enjoy a taste of Baltimore summer, wherever you are!

This brand of pretzels from Aldi were free of artificial folic acid and other additives — MTHFR’s rejoice!

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