Easy Salmon Dinner

Salmon is my favorite fish, and there are so many delicious ways to cook it, but let’s be real, it can get a bit expensive. I whipped up this little salmon dinner a few weeks ago using canned salmon instead, and it turned out great! A little different, but full of flavor and very satisfying! Hubby and my parents approved and even baby girl ate her whole plate  – toddler win! I think I’m going to start a cookbook titled “Even My Toddler Ate It”….

Without further ado, here you go! This makes enough for about 4 people. (Because I like you so much, I’ve added in the modifications necessary for a gluten free, dairy free, or Whole30 compliant recipe — you’re welcome!)

What You’ll Need:
For Salmon Balls
1 can salmon
½ tsp each salt and pepper
1 tsp sesame oil
the zest of 1 lemon
½ tsp cayenne *optional
2 tsp Shichimi Togarashi  – Japanese spice mix (I found mine at Walmart!)
1 green plantain, finely grated
panko breadcrumbs, to roll balls in

For sauce:
½ stick of butter, browned
1 tsp soy sauce
½ tsp sesame oil
juice of ½ of a lemon

whole grains, rice, quinoa, riced cauliflower or steamed spaghetti squash
asparagus, broccoli or squash

What To Do:
Combine all salmon cake ingredients (except for breadcrumbs) into a bowl and mix until thoroughly combined. The green plantain cooks up almost like a potato and makes a great filler – it gives you a little substance to hold the salmon cakes together without going carb crazy.

Scoop salmon mixture by tablespoon into your hands and roll into balls or flatten into cakes – they can be whatever size you like! Remember, the salmon is already cooked, so we are just going to be frying for a few minutes to heat through, brown the outside, and cook the plantain – if you would prefer larger cakes, they would work great at any size.

Roll each ball in panko bread crumbs, pressing crumbs slightly into the ball to help them stick. *For a gluten-free/Whole30 compliant option omit breadcrumbs and roll into finely ground almonds or almond flour.

I added just a touch more of the seasoning blend to the breadcrumbs because I really like it — totally optional!

Fry balls in hot oil in a large pan for several minutes, flipping/rolling them around often. Cakes are done when they are browned evenly!

While the balls are frying, start on your sauce. I used browned butter (butter cooked slowly until it is reduced and browned and delicious!), and then added in 1 tsp soy sauce, ½ tsp sesame oil, and the juice of half a lemon and let it cook for just a second. ** for a dairy-free/Whole30 complaint option, omit butter, and add a little olive or coconut oil instead. Whole30 does not allow soy sauce either, so you need to omit that as well and may want to add some flavor with a bit of the seasoning blend.

When the balls were done cooking, I let them drain on a paper towel lined plate for a minute while I got everything ready. I had some ready-made bags of delicious whole grains, and plated them up and topped them with salmon balls – I had some asparagus that I had broiled with olive oil, lemon juice, sesame oil and salt and added that as well. Everything got a drizzle of the browned butter sauce and there you have it! Delish! **for your gluten-free/Whole30 complaint option, serve over riced cauliflower or spaghetti squash.

I hope you like this recipe! I know it sounds a bit complicated but it comes together really quickly and without much fuss, its full of flavor and on your table in about 30 minutes! Enjoy!

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