The “Just” Mentality

So it hit me earlier this week how often I say the word “just” when talking to God, or thinking of my situation. Anyone else? “God if you could just provide for this bill.” “God if you could just help me today…”

I read once that our “just” prayers are some of the weakest, most unbelieving prayers of all, but I’d like to go farther and say that our “just “ mindset is the weakest, most unbelieving mindset of all.

Anyone else feel this way? Could any of these statements apply to you and how you narrate your life?

“I am just a mom at home with the kids, I can’t do anything meaningful for the kingdom.”

“I am just a kid myself, what could I do to help?”

“I just do this for a hobby, its not a gift; it won’t amount to anything. “

“I just have 100 dollars to spare in my account and just gave a few of them to the offering – God can’t do anything big with that.”

“I’m just the janitor, I don’t matter. “

“I just have time for me and mine, I can’t spare any time.”

But, you know what?

Read your Bible! God used “just” in a whole bunch of big ways!

He made us from just dust and we live and breathe and function miraculously.

David was just a boy with some stones, but he saved a whole army from annihilation and eventually became the king.

Rahab, Esther and Ruth were just ordinary women, but they changed the course of history for their people and in the cases of Rahab and Ruth, they even were mentioned as ancestors of Jesus.

Jesus as a man was born just a regular little baby. Born to just a lowly carpenter and his wife but God used Him to bring about the salvation of the whole world in just 33 years.

The disciples had just five loaves and two fish, but God fed thousands and thousands.

Paul was just one man and he spread the gospel across the known world and brought thousands to Christ.

Just, just, just.

Just God. He is the author of life, science, art, and all things and He can take your “just” and do great and marvelous things with it! Our “just” mindset is crippling to our faith and is essentially telling God that we don’t believe He is actually all powerful, and able to do all things. That we believe our competence is paramount to our success and that our earthly circumstances are set and definitive. All it takes is faith and a willing spirit to put that “just” in His hands and He can work miracles with just a little.

And really, when you think about it, the best place to be is to know you are “just” poor, lowly, broken, unqualified – that way you KNOW that whatever happens is from God and that He is all of the things that you are not! Praise Him for using our “justs” so awesomely!

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