Out of the Mouths of Babes

So the kids are a little over 2 now and are super proud of all they have learned…among their repertoire, they can sing “Jesus Loves Me” on their own and often do, at the top of their lungs, no matter where we happen to be – Walmart, park, pool, it makes zero difference to them!

I’ll sit here and willingly, and sheepishly, admit to you that I was a little bit embarrassed when they decided to belt it out at the playground while we were swinging – they got to going and competing with one another, singing toddler style, with emphasis and volume added to just about every single word it seemed. Now, I’m not ashamed of Jesus but it just seemed like we were being a little too loud with our singing/screaming and so I was a little embarrassed in that precise moment as the other parents and kids were playing close by.  

But as I got to thinking about it, then I was REALLY ashamed — these 2 year old kids are better witnesses than I am! They are unafraid to belt out songs about Jesus on the playground where everyone, and I mean EVERYONE could hear them. And here I was, spending the last few weeks pondering how to introduce the topic of faith, of JESUS, to the group of parents that are at the park every single morning with us. We have talked of just about everything else and my heart tugged, saying, this is no coincidence that you all have kids the same age, that they all come here at the same time you do…what are you going to do about it?

Enter unashamed, innocent, tone deaf toddlers — as they started belting it out, I laughed and said some stupid comment to the parents nearby, excusing them for being loud because it was their favorite song, and lo and behold, the dad next to me says “Oh, so do you take them to church?” 

Wham, bam, open topic! We have a nice little chat about our faith backgrounds, churches, upbringing, etc., which ends up involving a few more parents and leaves me feeling the size of a peanut and thoroughly humbled.

In seconds of innocence these kids did something I’ve been worrying over in my head for weeks: “how can I bring this up? What should I say? What if they don’t want to hear about it? What if this makes our playground time super awkward?”

Now, I know the kids don’t grasp the enormity of what they have done, but that’s what is so amazing – we should be that innocent, that bold, that out-loud with our talk about Jesus too. Not worrying what others may think, what their perception is, what their pre-conception of Jesus is. We should just be belting it out, making sure everyone in a 5 mile radius hears the name Jesus.

I learn something from these kids EVERY. DARN. DAY. Thank you God for using the littlest of us to change lives and hearts!

P.S. Lovely readers, I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking the month of September off as a summer-end sabbatical from writing and producing to rest and enjoy time with my family, as well as time to reflect, pray, daydream and plan for what is next for the blog! I’d welcome any comments or emails about what you’d like to read/see next, any struggles you’re going through yourself, and any ideas you’d like to share. I feel that purposeful periods of rest and “pause” are so key in life, and I’m so excited to take this time to recharge. I can’t wait to be back with you in October! Until then, take care of yourselves friends, and enjoy the onset of fall!

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