Childlike Faith

I had such a vivid example of childlike faith last week. I was in the car with my curly girl, and we were on a little roadtrip on our day off. On the way back, it was beyond naptime, so she dozed off in her carseat in about 30 seconds. (I remember car naps being the best thing ever as a kid!)

She’s in the backseat peacefully asleep with her animals and her “phone” – a pocket mirror she pilfered from my purse- and as I glance back at her in the rearview mirror, the thought hits me clear as day: “you should be like that.”
As I thought about it, it just became clear. She has no reference point of fear because she has always been safe with Mommy and Daddy. So as we got in the car, the thought to be afraid never even crossed her mind. She didn’t know where she was being taken. She didn’t know if the tires were good or the oil had been changed. She didn’t know if bad weather was coming or if Mommy was awake enough to drive. She didn’t even know that I had my mirrors positioned to cover all the blinds spots and looked twice to be sure before changing lanes. She didn’t know that I had the GPS on that would direct me clearly to our destination. She didnt know that I had emergency personnel and roadside assistance one phone call away if something should happen. She just knew she was safe and fell peacefully asleep, without even a thought to anything going on around her.

That’s how we need to be. Peacefully asleep, tucked into our carseats with the security of a 5 point harness and strap pads to protect our little neck creases. God is at the wheel and He. Has. IT. COVERED. He has angels surrounding you, covering every blindspot. He has forces of good fighting battles for you. He knows where you’re going, when you’re going to get there and what’s going to happen along the way. Come speed bumps, high water, bridges out, blinding rain, whatever, He will get you there if you trust Him completely and don’t try to reach for the wheel from your carseat. Don’t let fear come into the equation. He has never, ever let you fall. He won’t start now. Sit back and snuggle in with your animals and rest peacefully because your Daddy God is going to get you there in one piece!

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