Seeing Their Faith

There is a story in the Bible about a group of friends that picked up their friend, who had been lame his whole life, and carried him to a house where Jesus was teaching, in order for him to be healed.

I was listening to a sermon being preached on this story the other day, and before the pastor got into his points, he read the verses aloud, and this one hit me straight in the heart:

“When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the man, ‘Man, your sins are forgiven you.’” Luke 5:20

Just like that man, I feel like so often I am paralyzed. Paralyzed by indecision, paralyzed by wondering if the thing I feel led to do is the thing God wants me to do at that moment. Paralyzed by feeling what I have to say is important, but what if I say it wrong? Paralyzed by feeling constantly at a crossroads, and petrified to turn the “wrong” way, the way God is not directing me.

I got so encouraged by just hearing that one verse read aloud – it was like something finally clicked for me. It was because of their faith that Jesus ultimately acted, not because they did the right thing. It was because their trust was in Him, and their hearts were right.

Jesus did not set out to heal that man that day. In fact, He was in the middle of something else entirely, and these men interrupted Him! But it was their extreme act of complete faith that caused Him to act, to heal, to transform their friend’s life (read the whole story in Luke 5 if you don’t know it already – these friends climbed up to the roof and cut a hole in it in order to lower their friend down to Jesus – that’s dedication!).

These men knew there was a need. They knew where to find the only One who could meet that need, and so, regardless of whether God told them to go or not, regardless of whether Jesus actually would heal their friend, they just went. They went and acted in a big way, walking totally in faith, believing He COULD do it, and you know what? That made such an impression on the Son of God that He did just that. He came through in a big way because of their all-in demonstration of faith.

It’s a great reminder to me that it’s not necessarily my decision that is the game changer – it’s where my heart is. It’s in who and what I am trusting. It’s whether I have the faith that no matter where I step, no matter how big a step I take, My God will always be there to come through as long as I am acting in accord with His word, and believing in Him alone.

Why wait and waste time in inaction? Why waffle back and forth? Why spend time trying to discern every possible outcome and consequence of an action? Why try to figure it all out? Have your heart and faith in the right place, and God will honor that – and don’t forget to praise Him as high as the heavens when your faith is rewarded. That’s growth. That’s worship. That’s dependence. That’s miraculous!

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