Don’t Celebrate the “Hard”

Hello there, lovely readers! It’s been a minute! I have missed this so much, but in truth, the past two months just haven’t left me much time (or brain cells!) to write — as it is, you will be getting lots of “3am thoughts” from here on out…please forgive my mom brain ramblings 😀 I pray God uses them just as much as my coherent ones!

Baby girl is doing wonderfully well — for those that don’t know, she came 3 weeks early on an otherwise normal Wednesday. It definitely threw me for a loop — as ready as I was to have her out, I wasn’t honestly prepared to have her that day! But everything went well and after some time for both of us to adjust — her with her blood sugar, and me with my blood pressure – we are both doing great! God truly works big miracles in little packages!

Now, as we transition to being a family of 4, and me having 3 kids under 4 years old during the day, I’ll be the first person to admit that I love it when people make comments like “Motherhood is the hardest job in the world!”. It gives me a huge sense of validation, like, “Yes! It IS the hardest job ever and I’M doing it!!” But the absolute, 100% truth is that I’m not doing it…God is.

In today’s current culture, it feels like we exalt the “hard” and glorify the struggle because it makes us feel superior or validates our feelings. But as Christians, and especially as Christian moms, we shouldn’t be glorifying the “hard” or ourselves in our homes; we should be glorifying God. When its hard, give it over to God, relying instead on His strength. When things are going great, praise God; it is only the power of Him in you that allows you to do any good thing. We shouldn’t be glorifying the hard, but instead, the One who meets us there to be all that we cannot be.

As believers, we are supposed to emulate Jesus.; He is our ultimate role model! I believe motherhood/homemaking is a ministry and a calling from God and if we truly look to Jesus’ example, we see that He didn’t complain about His ministry or look for accolades because it was hard. When it was hard, He hit His knees and kept going through the power of God in Him . If He needed a break, He absolutely took a break for the greater good of his ministry, and rested, prayed and reconnected with His Father. We are human, and yes, we just want to go to the bathroom alone sometimes, but we need to be using motherhood as a platform to glorify God, not ourselves or the struggle. We should be mindful of our witness as we choose words to describe our home and children and all of the things that come along with them. We need to actively choose attitudes and tones that bring glory to God and speak life and don’t perpetuate our postures of irritation or frustration. It is difficult! I have never felt more weak or more human than I have since having kids — but I can come before you and say yes, its hard…BUT GOD! Yes, I am sinful and weak…BUT GOD. Yes, I struggle…BUT GOD. He has met me every step of the way, lifted me with His strength, and stepped in to be all that I cannot be.

Today, I choose to glorify God! How about you?

Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.

Psalm 115:1

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