Buon Natale

My Christmas doodle this year! Maybe it’s the fact that I’m just coming out of the newborn season, or maybe it’s that I have so many loved ones expecting this year, but every time I have heard or seen the phrase “buon Natale” this year, it has stuck out to me and made me think of birth.

At Christmas, we think of the hope of the world, Jesus Christ, being born as a baby in humble, dirty, unforeseen (to his parents anyway!) circumstances in a stable away from their own home. They were far away from what was known and comfortable for them; away from support from their close community; in a situation that they would later find out through an angel was actually dangerous and threatened their very lives!  We see how, in the unexpected, transforming hope in the person of Jesus Christ was born that changed the whole world.

I can’t help thinking of all of the ways we need hope to be reborn this year and into the next – for each of us personally, as a family of Christ and as a country. In the messy, unforeseen circumstances of our lives, we desperately need the hope of Jesus Christ to transform us and give us peace that endures. Let’s not forget the true miracle of this season- that the humblest, most difficult circumstance produced our living Hope all those years ago, and that He was the best and most priceless gift we could ever receive.

Buon Natale to you and your loved ones and may you hold tight to the Hope that endures!

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