Stillness Reignites Joy

The other night, I was running the race and the finish line was bedtime. Little people all done for the day, check that box and move on!

Bathtime was a process, complete with discovering a little lie that had been told, subsequent discipline and some big life lessons. At first, I was frustrated and immediately withdrew into my selfish “I can’t believe what I have to deal with” mindset, but then seeing her little eyes well up with tears of remorse and hearing her heartfelt  “I’m sorry, Mommy”, something tugged at my heart and broke down the wall of frustration I’d put up against my own sweet girl. She is still so small and the weight of always learning and doing and growing up is just so heavy. I spent extra time lotioning her up after her bath, brushing her curls, talking and hugging and saying “I love you’s”.

It was already late when we got to her bed and the inevitable “Can we please read just one story pleeease, Mommy?” came, I said yes this time instead of “no, it’s already past bedtime (and don’t you know I’m done for the day?!)” I laid down next to her and we read Berenstain Bears “Easter Parade” and she put her head on my shoulder, smelling like strawberry shampoo, and snuggled close. We finished the book, said prayers and sang songs and then instead of rushing off, to my to-do list and alone time, I stayed. I played with her hair and told her all the things I had loved about our day together. I told her how proud I was of her for things that she had done that day and oh, the smile on her face!

In that moment, I remembered how little she really is. How moldable, how impressionable. Those few moments of stillness and staying when I was “just done” and ready to be on my way reignited my joy in being a mother and reminded me of the sweetness of my babies and the absolutel marvel that I get to be their mama. It filled up her 3 year old emotional bucket and reminded her of my love for her and her value. I would have missed all that had I continued my rushing.

Isn’t that just the same with God? He tells us, “Be still”. And we tell him, “I know God, but….the dishes, the laundry, the …” and we put off the stillness. And yet when we choose to put those things aside and just stay for a moment, He reminds us that we are still so little and that He knows that the burden of life is just heavy sometimes, but that He is there and whispering words of love and affirmation over us. In those moments of stillness and hearts turned towards our Father, He reignites our passion for living well, our gratitude and our joy in the race and we just miss that when we keep rushing on by. Stillness brings His presence, peace and indescribable joy!

Just lay down in the green pastures and be still. Just for a moment. And let it change you, from the soul out.

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