Living Water

My mama’s Bible study group and I were reading through and studying the book of Jeremiah recently, and in the second chapter, God reveals His frustration at Judah for forsaking Him, the fountain of living water, for broken cisterns that they had made themselves – meaning that they had sunk deep into idolatry and sin […]

Through the Fire

Have you ever had a great spiritual truth whack you across the face…like while you’re reading your kids’ books or watching their shows? That happened to me a few times this week as I was reading the kids their stories from the children’s Bible, and doing our Bible story on the YouVersion Bible app. And […]

Draw Near

Happy (belated) New Year, blog family! – I have been wrapped up in launching the new blog, working out the wrinkles in said new blog, taking down my Christmas decorations and organizing the house, so I am a little late to the party, but here you go! My Happy New Year post! 😊 First off, […]